Which one is brighter, 2835 lamp beads or 5730? What’s the difference between them?

5730 2525COPPER 0.5W

So let’s take a look first:

What are the parameters of SMD 5730 lamp beads?

  1. Specifications and dimensions of 5730 lamp beads: 5.7×3.0×0.8mm (or 0.9mm)
  2. Power of each 5730 lamp bead: 0.5W.
  3. 5730 lamp bead white light color temperature range: warm white 2700-3300K, neutral white: 4000-4500K, pure white: 6000-6500K
  4. White light brightness of 5730 lamp beads: luminous flux 50-75LM/piece
  5. 5730 lamp bead colored light: 5730 red light, 5730 green light, 5730 yellow light, 5730 blue light, 5730 orange light, etc.
  6. 5730 lamp bead light emitting angle: 120 degrees
  7. 5730 lamp bead forward current: 150mA, forward pulse current: 500mA
  8. 5730 lamp bead forward voltage: 3.0-3.3V, reverse voltage: 5V
  9. 5730 lamp bead operating temperature: -30℃~+80℃
  10. Storage temperature of 5730 lamp beads: -30℃~+80℃
  11. Packaging quantity of 5730 lamp beads: 3000PCS/tray
  12. Application of 5730 lamp beads: indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures, landscape lights, lighting projects, etc.

5730 SMD LED lamp beads features:

  • High Brightness
  • Low attenuation
  • Low energy consumption
  • long life
  • Strong antistatic ability
  • High luminous efficiency
  • Good color rendering
  • Green and environmentally friendly, does not contain lead, mercury and other toxic and harmful substances

Applications of led5730 lamp bead products:

Bulb/Panel/Tube/LED Strip/Commercial Lighting/Indoor Lighting

Reasons for choosing the 5730 SMD lamp bead series:

5730 lamp beads have high white light lumens, stable performance, good color consistency, and high cost performance. The 5730 colored light series is also widely used and is also used in many outdoor lighting. Many customers even use this product to replace imitation lumen colored lights. Use light beads.

Which one is brighter, 2835 lamp beads or 5730?

Regarding the question of which lamp bead is brighter, 2835 or 5730, we can first compare the power of 2835 and 5730.First of all, 2835 lamp beads generally have a single power of 0.2W, and 5730 generally have a single power of 0.5W. Therefore, if we compare the brightness of a single lamp, the 5730 lamp bead is brighter.

But because 2835 lamp beads can be made into 0.2W, 0.5W and 1W, then the 1W 2835 lamp beads will be brighter than the 5730 0.5W single lamp beads.

Therefore, as to which one is brighter, the 2835 lamp bead or the 5730 lamp bead, we have to compare it based on the power, voltage and current you choose when using this product.

There is also the quantity and power of the entire lamp to determine.

Generally speaking, the advantage of 2835 lamp beads is that they are smaller in size and the design of a single lamp bead is more flexible.

Under the same current, voltage and single lamp bead of the same power, the brightness between the two is almost the same.

Of course, the selected materials will also affect the brightness of both. For example, under the same parameters, if you choose a large-chip lamp bead, the power of a single lamp will be higher than that of a small-chip lamp bead.

So, which one is brighter, the 2835 lamp bead or the 5730 lamp bead, you can tell us the parameters of your specific needs, and we will match you with a larger or brighter chip, which can better match your product use, and at the same time, it also makes the price/performance ratio better. high.

How to choose a better lamp bead? Is 2835 lamp bead better or 5730 lamp bead?

  1. When the power is relatively small, for example, only 0.2W, you can choose 2835 lamp beads. After all, 2835 lamp beads are smaller in size and will have an advantage in cost;
  2. When the power is greater than 0.5W, or required to be 1W, it is generally recommended that you choose 5730 lamp beads because it has better heat dissipation performance and better stability.

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